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Pull Up Pants

Pull Up Pants

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Pull Up Pants

  • AMD Pant is a full range of single use underwear for moderate to severe urinary incontinence
  • Easy to pull on, just like normal underwear
  • Rear tear open seams at sides for easy removal
  • Suitable for disorientated or agitated patients and Alzheimer patients
  • Integrated anti-leak cuffs for optimal sideways leakage safety
  • Available in different sizes and absorbencies
  • Latex free
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Pull Up Pants

The Pull Up Pants are anti-leakage cuffsk designed to stand up automatically when fitting the pad, therefore minimising the chances of leakage. These cuffs are made from a breathable, waterproof fabric, and due to the technology used there is no latex or glue used in the manufacturing process, minimising the risk of irritation.

The core structure is the unique part of the AMD pad range, built of 4 layers incorporating polyester fibre, long fibred American paper pulp and Super Absorbent Powder. Polyester fibre is hydrophobic meaning that it pushes the liquid away from itself as soon as possible; this means that the layer closest to the skin is kept dry. Long Fibred American paper pulp has greater absorbance and strength properties than pulps used in other pads, therefore the core is far less likely to break up. The super absorbent powder is mixed with paper pulp 2 layers below the surface with almost no access to the skin, this means that the skin is protected from the potentially irritating absorbent powder. This core construction has proved to give users superior comfort, exceptional performance and increased overall absorbency.

Single piece pants/pads, very soft, discreet and comfortable to wear and available in various sizes and levels of absorbency.

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